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The Premium Grad School Additive

From suturing to trigger point injections, incision and drainage to point-of-care ultrasound, NP Skills on Campus brings the marketable fundamental-to-practice skills right to you, where you are, when you're ready to learn them.

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Graduate school presents challenging curriculum and wonderful learning opportunities.  Too bad more of those learning opportunities aren’t focused on learning hands-on skills like suturing, joint injections, trigger point injections, incision and drainage, or even biopsy.


34 topics and 13 closure techniques, the Advanced Suture Course will make you a suturing rock star.

Joint and Trigger Point Injections

Want to bring immediate pain relief to your patient? How about gaining an understanding of dry needling and trigger points?

Incision and Drainage

Learn to see what lies beneath.... the skin! Know when to keep that scalpel sheathed or bring our the sharps to drain that abscess.

Eye Procedures

Almost ready to launch. Is it an ocular abrasion or foreign body? Or perhaps your patient has acute closed angle glaucoma? Learn fluorescein staining, wood's lamp evaluation, tonometry, foreign body removal with algerbrush burr tool, and more.

Internal Medicine Bootcamp

Internal medicine can be scary. We don't know what we don't know. With the Internal Medicine Bootcamp, you'll be given over 100 treatment algorithms for the most common inpatient conditions. You'll also dive deep into how we run lab tests and what those results actually tell us. Get ready to dig deep on this one.


Your patient has a skin lesion or rash... now what? Through the magic of biopsy (wow!) you too can take a piece of your patient to the pathologist for a real medical diagnosis.

Ultrasound Guided Soft-Tissue Evaluation

To cut, or not to cut. Cellulitis or abscess. Know the answer with this insightful learning module.

Nerve Blocks

Teeth can hurt! So can migraines and different parts of the face. Broken bones and lacerations hurt, too. Learn how to turn off that pain!

About Us

Learn more, so you can do more

Any one of our courses will give you a professional edge on the job market when you’re ready to apply.  

Hiring Manager: “Do you have any experience or formal training in suturing?”

New Graduate: “Why, yes.  Yes I do.”


What Our Customers Say

We listen to every letter of feedback from our customers, adapting and modeling our courses and the registration process in that flow of input.

I learned so much from these courses! In my first few interviews before graduating I was able to secure three offers because I showed that I had learned more, and could do more, than my graduate cohort.
Evelyn Thompson
NP Graduate, 2020
I highly recommend NP Skills On Campus. You're in school, or maybe you've just graduated, or you're trying to learn something new. Any way you slice it, these courses will teach you how to do more in your practice and be less dependent and more independent.
William Bryant
NP Graduate, 2021


Patton D. Graham, NP-C

Patton is a family and emergency nurse practitioner.  He is a member of the American Academy of Emergency Nurse Practitioners and the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.  He earned his B.S. (Sociology) in 2005 from the University of North Alabama, his A.S. (Nursing) in 2012 from Columbia State Community College, and his M.S. (Nursing) in 2015 from Tennessee State University.  He completed his emergency nurse residency in 2012 at Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital in Nashville, TN.

Patton practices in both emergency departments and acute care clinics.  Patton has taught continuing medical education courses for many years.